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Baltimoreed 05-10-2020 17:17

New interests—.22 military trainers.
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In the past couple of years after handling a friend’s Springfield 1922 trainer beautifully rebuilt by Griffin and Howe I’ve gotten interested in military trainers. I found a nice Springfield 1922M2 built in 1937. It’s heavy but fun to shoot. Recently I’ve found an early 1924 Winchester PreA Model 52 Slow-lock that was their attempt at a US military .22 contract but Springfield already had it so winchester wisely redesigned the .22 M52 into a sporter/civilian target rifle. As the stock on my rifle has been altered and it’s not a true collectible any longer, it’s only a shooter so I’m repairing some damage and refinishing the stock. This rifle has the finest rifle trigger that I’ve ever shot. I can only imagine what a fast-lock M52 would be. I did find a nice lyman 48J to go on it. Here are my two rifles. I haven’t put them up against each other as I’m redoing the 52. As soon as I get my stock done and get it put together I’ll put them on paper.

dh1633pm 05-10-2020 18:07

Never had much interest for military trainers in 22. That is one nice rifle that you have.

2rangers 05-12-2020 04:18

My wife bought a Mossberg model 44US to practice with. Only thing is, magazines are difficult to find....
I have a 144LSB that shoots very well, but mags are the same issue.

Rockys Pop 05-12-2020 23:33

I sold a 1943 "Property U.S.Gov't" Mossberg semi auto .22 rifle to a friend in the '90s
It was a fine little rifle.

Baltimoreed 05-13-2020 05:24

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Think that I’m done on the stock except the bbl band screw is buggered but I’ve found a replacement. Turned out nice, photographs dark but has a lot of figure.

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