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Precision on a budget

This will be my first somewhat serious attempt to get myself into the precision world. A move that may well end up costing me more money I could (and probably should) be putting into my Jeep build...

New Magpul Hunter stock came in today for the .243 Remington 700. I got this rifle used in a Boyd's stock. Pretty, but no pillars or bedding block, and just a tiny bit of glass bedding around the recoil lug. Although an "el-cheapo" by precision stock standards, I'm living on VA disability, so kinda on a budget. The Magpul Hunter seems pretty comfy for what it is. Been playing with is since I put it on. I may have to take off one of the stock spacers. It does check most of the same boxes as the $900+ custom stocks do, including having an aluminium bedding block built into it.

The scope is a Nikon M-Tactical .308 4-16x42SF BDC 800. This is also a budget piece, but pretty good glass for it's price range. I've had the 1" tube version for a few years, and have liked it well enough to keep it, and swap it out to 3 or 4 different guns. It's on my Brazilian Mauser now, and does quite well. Too bad Nikon quit the scope game. I think they did pretty good on the lower end of the budget spectrum for guys like me.

I have a Chrono on the way, (finally) so once I can get out shooting again, I'll be able to make some ballistic tables (in MOA to match the turrets) for it. Also, I can choose my caliber, and ammo load in Nikon's "Spot on" app to go with the BDC reticle as well.

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