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A maybe one of a kind 1909 Argentine

I purchased the rifle several years ago from a friend. He said he got it in the early 70’s at a gun show in a trade and that he had never shot it. Looking down the barrel my first thought was “this thing has never been fired.”

I took it home and cleaned some of the grease and crud out of the action, and bolt. After cleaning the bolt was very stiff or hard going into the front receiver ring. Not good. I figured I could cure with a bit of Clover compound. I put it on the top and bottom of the bolt lugs and the outside of the claw extractor. Then I ran the bolt back and forth only so as not to screw up the headspace and after about 30 cycles it was going into the receiver ring with no stiffness.

I took a 7.65x53 cartridge, pressed it into the magazine and ran the bolt forward. It stopped well before it chambered and I thought “boy did I screw this rifle up with that clover compound”. I removed the bolt and tried to insert the cartridge by hand and it was not even close to going into the chamber. The bolt without a cartridge closed just like a normal bolt action.

I then looked at the muzzle and I grabbed a RCBS 165 Sil cast bullet and tried to stick it into the muzzle. No go. Looking at the muzzle some more I thought, that is kind of a small hole. I also cast for the 7x57 Mauser so I tried putting one of those into the muzzle and it was a nice tight slip fit lightly marking the nose with the rifling. I then tried a new Privi 7x57 case and it chambered with no problem. Putting a couple layers of masking tape on the case head and I tried chambering it. When closing the bolt the bolt handle took a bit of pressure to get it closed.

My next thought was, screwed again, somebody rebarreled this rifle. Well I shot a couple of hundred cast bullet rounds out of the rifle and it shoots well enough that I figured to shoot it in the Cast Bullet Assoc. Military matches. Since my eyes are not the best I bought a scope and a SK mount for the rifle. I got the scope on and was looking at the rear of the barrel. It has a serial number on it about 1.5 inches from the action serial number. It’s the same number and in the same font.

Now the rest of this is pure speculation. I think DWM had an order of 4000 1909 Argentine rifles to build. They get to my action and find they are out of barrels for this order and the shop foreman says go over to that pile of 7x57 barrels for the Brazilian order. We will stick one of those 7x57 barrels on this action and no one will know the difference until they try to shoot it and by that time nobody here will care about that rifle and if they bitch so what. At least it’s out the door as a completed order.
So also maybe there is another rifle like mine, serial number 4000.

Now maybe it did not happen that way but I like it.
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Nice looking rifle! What does the crest look like?
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The crest is very good as is the rest of the rifle with a few marks on the butt stock. All numbers match including the cleaning rod.
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A maybe one of a kind 1909 Argentine-img_1205.jpg   A maybe one of a kind 1909 Argentine-img_1202.jpg   A maybe one of a kind 1909 Argentine-img_1209.jpg   A maybe one of a kind 1909 Argentine-img_1210.jpg   A maybe one of a kind 1909 Argentine-img_1219.jpg   A maybe one of a kind 1909 Argentine-img_1220.jpg  

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I have a sporterized Modelo1909 Argentino.
Already was Rebarreled to 30-06 . I bought it as. restocked with someones' version of a Weatherby high gloss walnut . Lots'a back grain and burl, in that cheek piece.
I had the mil. trigger swapped out for a Timmney. ( +35 dollars) An old Leupold 3-9X , came with it and on it . ( Vari -X II).
Still shoots good... for a total of $275 bucks spent in 1987.
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try a .308 dummy round in it.....you may be pleasantly surprised
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That is what I did with my 7.65 Argentine Mauser, re-barreled to .308. At the time Norma 7.65 ammo was pricey and hard to find back then, also my win model 100 was .308. Still a good shooter but not used much and more.
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Great rifles.
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