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Sawilson005 02-13-2020 11:59

Need advice asap please.
Which is best? New Ruger American in 270 no scope for $299.99 +tax and background check or a used Marlin XL7 270 with Nikon prosatff scope and 100 rounds of ammo for $350 out the door? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Legion489 10-09-2020 07:06

OK, my vote? Go Ruger. Better yet, get a sub to GUN TESTS magazine, go to their back issue page/thread and see what they have to say. Although, darn, that Marlin sounds good! WHY are they selling it?!

How does each rifle feel/fit to YOU? Which do YOU like best? Doesn't matter what I like or what Joe likes, YOU are shooting it and YOU have to live with it, not me. I don't worry about the "this rifle shoots a 1" group at 100 yards and this one shoots a 1 1/2" group at 100 yards" guff. What can YOU shoot?! Can YOU shoot 1" groups off a rest at 100 yards? Can YOU shoot a 4" group off your hind legs?! No? So why obsess about it? Sure it's nice, but a LOT of critters died from rifles at were lucky to do 4" at 100 yards! A deer's heart/lung area is about 12" around, if you put a bullet in that 12" pie pan sized area you got venison. Lots of practice makes you a better shot, not a slightly better grouping rifle you never shoot.

chill1955 10-09-2020 09:51

Neither, get the Savage. They are consistently building quality rifles. The other guys not so much.

Jonjeo 01-10-2021 10:03

I've been reading some good things about the Contender "bolt action" rifles. Some say they're really accurate right out of the box.

kwg020 01-15-2021 19:54

Ruger American is a great gun but 100 rounds of ammo would be where I go. But, I reload so as long as I have brass and primers I have ammo.


gemihur 01-23-2021 15:07

+1 for contender
Handiest and most accurate rifle ever
... only if you'd consider it.
Don't wanna muddy the water

dh1633pm 01-23-2021 15:23

Not sure contender was in his option list. I’d go Ruger.

Wanderson 01-24-2021 09:41

Marlin has had a lot of ups n downs in QC, I had an 80s era 336 lever gun that was VERY well made. They’ve also put out some real garbage.
Big plus for the Ruger is new plus warranty. The Marlin is more of a gamble but might be the better deal. But any problems are yours.
Always been impressed with the accuracy of the older Marlins.
For punching holes in paper, I’d gamble on the Marlin. If this is your only bolt action, or going to be taken in the woods, I’d go Ruger.

Sparkie 01-25-2021 13:58

I sure that a year having past he has made a decision!

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