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nickelplate 02-24-2020 10:23

More hand made bass plugs
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A good friend of mine bought a piece of property last year with an eight acre year round pond. This got me back into bass fishing but I quickly found out that the prices of lures have really gone up since I last bought any hardware. I enjoy mostly surface fishing so why not attempt to make my own?
The worms are held by replaceable #4 s.s. pan head screws.
The replaceable hula skirts are friction fastened to a 16 penny hdg casement nail which has a head similar to a finish nail but with more of a flair.
The bodies are made from wood dowels which I hand spun on the bench grinder.
All of the implanted connectors are made from s.s. electric fence wire which I wrapped around a vice held small drill bit then twisted the wire tight out to about 3/4" to form the foundation to be epoxied in the plug.
Base coat of paint is from a rattle can followed up by time proven good old small bottle Testor's.
All the plugs have added weight for casting and in the water resting angels. I used small hacksawed pieces 16 or 20 penny hdg common nails, drilled out a hole into the bottom back of each plug and set them in epoxy.
Forty-four plugs in, my out of pocket cost per unit is around $1.10 each with LOTS free labor!
I started making my lures late last summer after my first visit to the pond and in that time I lost count after I landed #26! I had a chance to visit the pond ( a five hour drive) a couple of days before this last Christmas and it rained the whole time but did manage to get in not quite an hour of bank fishing which yielded three 14 to 16" bass in the net, catch and release by the way. Quite exciting to catch and land a fish on a lure of my own making. The pond's bass in the net record since this new ownership is 21".

Marlin 45 carbine 04-04-2020 22:20

The large lure bottom row 3rd pane closely resembles one I've caught several river smallmouth. Nice work nickel.

Marlin 45 carbine 05-04-2020 22:48

Another jig I used with good result is bottom, hinged green with the feathers. I used larger feathers and 1 treble hook. For some reason when water/river is low it is a hot one.
Sure beats paying 9.89$$ per copy for factory .

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