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slwez 08-28-2019 08:17

pit boss grill
Any one else happy with there Pit Boss pellet grill?

chill1955 10-09-2019 13:30

Hey Bud:
I hear they are a good choice in the reviews. I had a Traeger for 5 years, then it started going out, replaced all 3 sub units and she was still going out gave it away. I bought a Camp Chef because the reviews were outstanding. It's holding a 10 degree range in temp so far. Way better than the Traeger ever did when it worked. How about the Pit Boss, what size of temperature range does it hold?

hylander 05-21-2020 22:17

Just saw this.

Have not used a Pit Boss, but heard good things about them and like the auger design. Lots of experience with Traegers, Green Mountian and Camp Chief.
Camp Chef has been by far the best, Love it.
Been the most reliable and keeps the temp within 5 degrees.

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