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Rockys Pop 06-09-2020 01:08

Ruger AR 556 classic
School me please !

In my area they're under $600 w/a 30 rd. mag, which seems fair enough.

I'm extensively trained / qualified on the old M-16 A/ this won't be any great leap, but I have a few questions.

How are they out of the box?
I don't have the $1k+ it would take to buy a new Mini & make it "ready".

I AM a certified gunsmith and worked on many ARs when my shop was open so any necessary small mods are a non issue.

Are they REALLY dual ammo rifles accepting both brass .223 & steel 5.56 feed?

I don't need and am not interested in M.O.A. accuracy from this rifle.....but will it reliably give me center mass shilouette hits at 50/100 yds?

Many thanks for any answers past / current owners can give me.

curt mini14 06-09-2020 04:27

i have one and there as good as any and mine holds moa all day with good ammo and about 2moa with steel ammo reliable as the day is long.

MOTOROLANUT 06-14-2020 05:07

I would check into S&W or Windham to see comparative prices first.

chill1955 06-15-2020 09:26

My Windham is a very interesting rifle and only accurate rifles are interesting. I pulled off the .410 upper yesterday and put the 5.56 upper back on and had to go check function and make sure POI was intact. 3 orange stickers 2 shots each at 50 yards off my bench. Zero was perfect all 3 pairs were touching

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