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Now that Stag Arms has a new address in Wyoming, is it likely that their rifles will be assembled using less (or even none) of the components they used to use when they were located in New Britain Connecticut? When Stag Arms started off, the reason for it being next door to CMT (Continental Machine & Tool), was because the son of CMT's company owner had direct access to a major source for machined AR-15 components.
At some point after the sale of Stag Arms, the major decision makers for Stag decided to relocate their operations to Wyoming. I am now curious as to where now they will get the oh so many machined components they used to get from CMT? For example, I know that the forged uppers, lowers, and handles, were final machined by CMT. These are just a few of the many parts that CMT supplied Stag with. This made Stag Arms one of the few makers of AR's to be made with one major source for a bulk of it's components. Again, while the barrels were sourced from a barrel maker, many of the other components were from CMT (including the carriers and bolts).
Just wondering if anybody has heard what the source(s) change me be, if any?
Thanks in advance 🙂
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do you have a problem using your phone call them and ask them your self.and who really cares were they come from.
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High quality machine shops are all over in the states. I highly doubt the move was made blindly without considering source control. You seem in other threads and in this one to be very concerned about quality parts. Follow your passion and open a machine shop and make the best parts in the world.
Sine Missione
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