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Broondog 10-23-2007 21:50

Tactical foregrip
i have been thinking about putting a tactical forearm grip on my WASR-10 underfolder. my only concern is the lower handgaurd being too large for the stock to lock in place when folded. i realize that a front end pistol grip is most likely out of the question when folded. i've been looking at different styles on the net but pictures don't do the applications justice.

anyone have any experience with this? or even better, a suggestion on a particular brand/model?

shadow1 10-24-2007 16:58

Not sure how it would fit the folder but the Quad Rail from UTG is a god 4 rail hand guard. Locks up very solid and runs about $70.

Broondog 10-27-2007 08:47

yeah Shadow1, that UTG system looks pretty cool but it's the lower rail that bothers me. after a lot of searching i've decided to go with Tapco's Galil setup with the optional rail points. it looks like if i don't install the lower one the folder should lock in place. then i'll have two side points to work with for lights and/or lasers. i'm not gonna scope it. plus it gives me a compliance part to offset the Israili pistol grip...keep it in the family, eh?

and i just got done refinishing the furniture on my wood WASR. i may scope it using the siderail. definately not with the reciever cover designs i've heard bad things about.

i'll send pics soon.

shadow1 10-29-2007 18:15

It would work ok for lights but it's going to move too much for an accurate laser.

Broondog 10-29-2007 21:26

that would suck. i was hoping for a laser on one side and a light on the other. or spend a few extra bucks and get a light/laser combo. i have seen a rail that can fit into the top of the Galil with some modification. i dunno if i want to do that. that probably would not be as easy as a simple filing job such as trimming a poly mag to fit in the well.

time will tell. it shipped this morning.

Broondog 10-31-2007 23:11

the new hangaurd came today and i give it 4.5 stars. the thing is rock solid! it went on easy with just a little tap from a mallet. it looks great too. the only reason i docked it .5 of a star was that it required about 10 minutes of filing to get the underfolder bars to clear enough to lock in place. i won't put the side rail mounts on 'till i decide what to mount.

i'd recommend the upgade.

i'll send pics soon.

shadow1 11-23-2007 07:19

Glad it worked out for you. I was afraid it would be loose if it attached like a standard AK hand guard.

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