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Gunzilla 08-16-2012 11:33

These 2 models have similar profiles that mimic the Hudson River Valley Indian design.

The finish on all the wood handled 2 Hawks is a deep cold gun bluing that really makes these pop.

The handle on the Woodsman is about 13 1/2" long, compared to the Longhunter at 18 3/4" long.

The steel is the same 6150 high carbon steel that all the wood handled 2 Hawks come with, as well as the same 25 year warranty.

The Woodsman:

The Longhunter

Spare Hafts and Belt Loops are sometimes offered with the hawk, depending on available stock.

Gunzilla 08-25-2012 08:40

Here's an older test video on the Longhunter hawk:

Cajun Kamikaze 04-14-2014 13:19

Nice looking blades for sure. A few questions, Are they hand forged? What type of heat treating/quenching process? Can you offer in Damascus steel?

Durango Ranger 04-14-2014 20:22

Those are nice. Where do you buy them?

Gunzilla 04-19-2014 07:47


Originally Posted by Durango Ranger (Post 824937)
Those are nice. Where do you buy them?

The heads are Investment Cast, very high quality castings.....and yes they are very nice....and sharp too. I'm not saying that just because I sell them. Before I started selling these hawks I wasn't a blade enthusiast, I saw the quality and how people responded to them and asked the maker how I could distribute them for him.

I sell them on ebay fairly regularly (over the last 3 years), as orders are delivered. Don't forget to read the 'feedback' from buyers.

Gunzilla 04-19-2014 07:54

Sorry double posting.

Gunzilla 04-19-2014 08:01


Originally Posted by Cajun Kamikaze (Post 824844)
Nice looking blades for sure. A few questions, Are they hand forged? What type of heat treating/quenching process? Can you offer in Damascus steel?

Sorry Cajun, they are not currently offered in Damascus, these are working hawks.....not sure Damascus would be the best choice for what this was made for.

These are investment castings that are oil tempered to a RC of 57-58, my ebay listings have a few more details.

These are not just great looking hawks they will hold up too!! You tube videos are out there with me hitting steel nails with the cutting edge of the hawk, a demonstration that impressed everyone at the Gun Shows I sold these hawks at.

Thanks for your interest.

dwtdct 03-24-2016 16:46

Do you still have a woodsman available? I am local and can pick up.



Gunzilla 07-17-2016 23:34

Due to not having stock available I will no longer be listing or selling any hawks. Sorry!

Thank you for your interest and support.

toyhw 04-02-2020 16:11

I use the Cold Steel shovel,minus a handle, in my BOB. It's more versatile than any hawk, machete, hatchet or kukri, chops well enough, can be used as a knife, and costs less. I can use it as is for light duty stuff and if I have to do a lot with it, it only takes half an hour to make and fit a handle. A 2 ft long handle makes it into a pretty good axe. A 4 ft long handle lets me move a lot of dirt, sand, or gravel with it. By drilling a couple of holes near the top of the blade, it can be lashed to a right angled forked sapling and then it becomes a hoe, adze, weed-whacker, rake, etc.

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