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mine is 1.5 seconds to react, pivot 180 degrees, draw from real concealment, not bs of unfastened coat, and get one hit on each of 2 10" disks, at about 6 feet apart, at 10 ft from the firing line. The height and distance of the plates is varied a bit by the guy who is not shooting, with the shooter's back turned as he does so. If a top hand does this, starting hand on the gun, in a pocket holster, 1.2 seconds is quite feasible to accomplish.

Since the range is almost always 5 yds and less for civilians, and a man can charge 5 yds in 1.5 seconds, there really is no more time, and there is little need of more accuracy or number of hits. When the rest see you burn down two of their buddies, that fast, with one shot each, they will beat feet, almost 100% of the time.

Letting the shooter get his body "aimed in", and having the targets the same height and spacing leads to cheating and unrealistic belief in "skill" that you won't be able to demonstate when it's for real. they are firing by timing, not by aiming, and the variable spacing of the targets will prove this to you. try it some time.
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