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You can put the rumor to rest!!

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Hello everyone, well today I picked up my new mini 14 SS, I bought it before I found these boards so to my surprise after finding this board and the post about the mags wont fit, I ve been a bit worried. I also bought a couple of the new 10 rnd Promags. I got the call late Wed. afternoon that the gun was in but I couldnt pick it up until today, (talk about a long wait!) I rushed down to my ffl with one of the mags, removed the 5 rounder, opened the bolt, popped in the 10 rounder with no hitches or misalining problems, big relief and many sighs!

I hope this helps put and end to this post about Ruger changing the mini around, it is a 196 series, bought from a dealer that sells alot of guns, so the chance that this mini sitting around awhile is slim. Now I need to shoot it!! ::sniper: :sniper: :sniper:
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Welcome to the forum rmkelly, I went to the Colorado Aero Tech there in Broomfield back in its hay days. I imagine its about shut down by now.

There is a lot of discussion on reliable, as well as unreliable mags in this forum. You might try using the search button in the upper right of your control panel, and enter a mags brand name, to see what comes up on it. Your key words will appear in Red.

I bought some PMI mags, that work well. One thing, most after market mags have in common, is if you load them to full cap. They won't fit with the bolt closed, and the first couple of rds may not feed well. Try leaving a couple of rds out then try to see if they fit.
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