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You can put the rumor to rest!!

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Hello everyone, well today I picked up my new mini 14 SS, I bought it before I found these boards so to my surprise after finding this board and the post about the mags wont fit, I ve been a bit worried. I also bought a couple of the new 10 rnd Promags. I got the call late Wed. afternoon that the gun was in but I couldnt pick it up until today, (talk about a long wait!) I rushed down to my ffl with one of the mags, removed the 5 rounder, opened the bolt, popped in the 10 rounder with no hitches or misalining problems, big relief and many sighs!

I hope this helps put and end to this post about Ruger changing the mini around, it is a 196 series, bought from a dealer that sells alot of guns, so the chance that this mini sitting around awhile is slim. Now I need to shoot it!! ::sniper: :sniper: :sniper:
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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