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Up for trade is one of the "Brobee" Mini-14 GB-clone front sight blocks that has a bayonet lug and base for installation of USGI-pattern M-14 front sight posts on 580/581 series Mini-14s. The original thread on these from 2009 is here:

These are not made anymore and cost $125 back when you could get them. I'm not real interested in selling, however. I would like to trade for at least one of the following, with cash added/subtracted as necessary:

AR15 charging handle found one
Sig P226 Mec-Gar 17/18 round magazines
Glock 17 magazines
Arsenal Circle 10 5.56 AK magazines
Quality used optics

Here's mine, although Brobee's pictures in the above thread are way better:

Contact me through the site, which sends an email alert to my account and I can get back to interested parties. This is cross-posted.
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