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I would like to offer for sale or trade a 581-series Ruger Mini-30 in 7.62x39, stainless, currently riding in an ATI Strikeforce stock (will also include original factory stock), a stainless Accu-Strut, factory rings, 1 factory steel 5 rounder, 1 USA brand steel 20 rounder, 2 USA brand steel 30 rounders, and 3 Eagle brand polycarbonate 18 rounders. All mags lock in tight, and hold the slide open after the last round goes down range. This Mini has functioned flawlessly through 3 trips to the range, throwing approx. 400 rounds at 3-4 MOA.

Asking $750, + $25 shipping to your FFL (FYI, I'm located in NH).
Also interested in doing a trade on the above items for a 16" 6.8 SPC complete upper and a couple mags.

Here's a couple of pics. Scope and grip pod are NOT included.

Original pic post:
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