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WTS-Unusual Suomi M31 71 rd Steel 9mm Drum Mags-

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>>>Check this out---What else could these be used with..? This mag was the most successful magazine of the Suomi M31 9mm sub-machine gun, both before and during World War II and until the mid-fifties. Now for the best part; the Suomi magazines have been well preserved and the fine craftsmanship can still be seen in these historic pieces. You can display these in your collection with pride. Another idea is the possibility of some modification of your pistol or rifle to accept these quality pre-ban high capacity magazines. Have you ever thought about making your own gun? Think of the great concepts of designing your gun around these; the possibilities are endless. An inexpensive mag that is very reliable and well made. Used and in good condition. **Call george just $19.99 ea
>>>also available M31 32 rd 9mm stick mags--Just $9.99 ea<<<

I would like to be your personal TAPCO sales specialist. Please feel free to contact me at 1-800-554-1445 ext 108 Respectfully, George

>>Attention Dealers and Gun Show Sales-*Quanity Discounts are Available to Increase your Profits

Dealer Hot line 1-800-250-3757 ext 108 George or [email protected]
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