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I am selling because I don;t shoot it. It just sits in my safe taking up space. I have shoot about 700 rounds with it. I figured I would use the money for ammo for the mini-30 and some wilson 47 1911A1 mags.

A standard blued Ruger 10/22 170.00 with the following upgrades: Butler creek synthetic stock with hide away bipod $70.00-- Volquartsen: recoil buffer $11.00, match hammer and sear 70.00, extended mag release $19.00, auto bolt release $11.00,exact edge extractor $11.00, KNS precision hooded cross hair front sight $28.00, Ruger mini-30 rear peep sight --- a bag of all stock parts including some from my p22/45 that was sold. grand total of $390.00 Wow I didn't realize that I had that much in it. Comes with two ten round ruger mags.

Will sell for $250.00 to your FFL.

here's some pics.
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