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Wts Pre Ban Mini 14

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I am in Seattle Wa. Why? i dunno! Ohh Yeah! Thu Great Weather!

Well i decided to shine on my Mini 14 stock thingy on here.

I gotta git rid of a gun too git nuther one my Ole Lady Sez!

I am putting UP FOR SALE my BLUED PRE BAN MINI 14.

Serial # 184-600XX, Its in 99%+ Condition, NO dents,dings,scratchs anywhere cept a small ding in thu Rear Peep Site top, and a lil blueing wear on thu rail area. most from hand cycling. (I loaded up my 3 mags n cycled by hand fast to ensure they cycle ok) and 2 small rings where scope mount levelers (set screws) hit rec. Figgers dont it? heh. Blueing near perfeckt, 99% or better, Cant see any handling wear at all! I disassembled it n cleaned it and it looks inside like very few rounds have been thru it. This Weapon looks Near Brand New

It comes with a Brand New BUTLER CREEK Blued metal Side Folder Stock on it. Side Sling Swivel.
An M14 style FLASH HIDER, Muzzle Brake? 3.25" past front site.
An EAGLE Brand Quick detachable (1" wheel and lever) Side Scope Mount with Dove tail rack, no Rings.
1 New PMI 40 rounder, 2 New, 1 slightly shows blue wear where it fits tight on insertion, not from firing from it, USA type 30 rounders. They ALL Cycle fine.
Has Black vented Plastic like top foregrip.

PRICE is $675.00. Price includes, I will PAY FFL and SHIPPING on My end, You PAY FFL on yer end. If ya want it insured YOU PAY that added cost.

FER $710.00 i will throw in a 1980s Sporter type Mini14 wood stock. Not coated, Hand rubbed select wood, Great Grain definition, Has Near Flat Butt End, (not big curve like most have on em) and Ribbed Plastic ButtPlate with Big Ruger ® Logo at center. This stock has NO internal metal parts, Jus thu Fine Wood.

Tonite my son is bringin his digital camcorder pic takin thingy, and i'll try n add in a buncha dif angle pix of it. He aint sure if thu resolution will suffice, will try tho.

When i sell this i can Buy more **** on here, HAW!


[email protected]

OK, Police Call! Move Out!
If it aint Growin, Pick it up!
Ifya cant Pick it Up, Salute it!
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