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I have been working on this deal for literally 3 months, if not more. I have a new color of anti-tilt followers, instead of the traditional green follower. These are blaze orange, and USGI in EVERY aspect with the exception of color. There is absolutely no over molding/flash on these followers. Truly top of the line quality, the same company that produces them for the Government made these.

I am going to tell you right off hand that I will not be able to ship these until about the end of February. It may be earlier, but incase something happens I am going to set my ship date at March 1st. It is very likely that it will be earlier. I've decided to start taking orders. For those of you who order at this time, there will only be a $5.00 shipping charge, whether you buy 1, or 10,000. $5.00 gets them shipped. This will change as soon as I get the followers in, and it will become estimated actual shipping. I will ship all of the advance orders within 24 hours of the time I get the followers in.

With the exception of about 45 of these orange followers, we at Magazine Specialties have purchased all that were made. You will not see these anywhere else for quite some time!

Orange followers: $1.00 each + $5.00 shipping, no matter how many you buy.


I will also have a small quantity (about 2,000) USGI green followers.

[green]Green followers[/green] are $0.75 each (The $.75 cent price will only last until March 15th!) + $5.00 shipping, no matter how many you buy.



I'd like to apologize for the bad pictures. I had to borrow a digital camera and I do not know how to use that one very well.


I accept money orders, cashiers checks, and Paypal. Please add the 3% if you use Paypal.


Email me at: [email protected]. You can view some of our feed back at:

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