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Here's what i have-M1A loaded, parkerized barrel ,with black crinckle stock. Three stocks one black fiberglass, a walnut which is the original, and a bedding practice stock. The walnut has modifications started on it. the stock ferrule has been clearanced and epoxyed, stock liner match preped but not epoxyed. Still have the original liner unpreped, creedmore walnut stained then 14 coats of creedmore satin finish on the wood. The front sling swivel was removed to insure finish sealed all wood to prevent moisture warping down the road. The rear of the stock under the rear of the receiver has been routed 1/8 inch deep in the shape of a horseshoe. This was the first step in the stock match prep routing and where i stopped. The rest of the stock around receiver and trigger group needs routed. But if a person didn't want to do the match prep work, the horseshoe could be filled and wouldnt be seen. But everything is included to finish the job. The practice stock is what you carve on before you do it to the walnut, also included is a new arcaglas bedding kit, u-lock for setting the trigger, receiver clamp for setting the receiver, barrel shim for setting the barrel tension while bedding. All that would be needed would be unitizing the gas cylinder for around 30$, modeling clay for bedding, masking tape and a piece of rubber to complete the match conditioning. The fiberglass stock is unaltered and ready to go.Also included is a MRT sling, dewey cleaning rod, dewey muzzle guide, receiver insert, gas cylinder wrench, combination tool, magazine loading tool, 20 rnd magazine, m14 technical manual, 5 videos-reading the wind, sighting in, servive rifle competition basics, Art Luppino m14 mainenance and cleaning , and his glass bedding video. 1400.00 to your ffl
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