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Another great military item at the best price! Marked NVA for National Volks Army, or National Peoples Army, originally designed for the East German Border Guards, these Carl Zeiss binoculars are considered some of the best ever manufactured. Rubber armored with lens covers and neck strap. Fully coated optics, individual focusing diopters and a field of view equal to 148m at 1000m. 7X40. Great for low light operations and includes an infrared detector. The 7x40 binoculars with infrared light screen detector and range finding reticle represent the full military version of the 7x40 standard model and are capable of detecting at night any infrared light source, even that of the small infrared-emitting LEDs used by Special Operations. They offer valuable detection of intruding infrared night vision devices. Used, military surplus in very good condition >> Sale Limited Time only--$199.99 ***Call george and Save $$----
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