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WTS-FAL "MEGA" Tool Rool Kit **Avail Now--

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Check out This Value-----This is an incredible deal! It includes: 1 square brush for detailing those receiver rails. Another that is a brush on one end and is pointed on the other that can be used as a punch. 1 brass bore brush. 1 brass gas tube brush. 1 GI cleaning rod set. 2 bore mops. 1 gas tube mop. 1 nylon tooth brush (large on one end and small on the other). 1 cleaning cloth that is large enough to be cut into four so you can add a new cloth when the old one is done. 2 surplus FAL oil bottles. 1 .308 broken shell extractor. 1 TAPCO gas and sight tool. 1 three in one stock, grip and cleaning tool (used for gas tube cleaning). All securely housed in a tool roll ready for the range! Purchased alone, these would add up to $75.00! So, when you buy this kit, you're saving $35.00! **Call george and $ave--Just $39.99 :eek:
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