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WTS: 10inch Garand Bayonets.
i believe these are Cut down from 16inch 1905's. Both are Bowie tip. i found these NEW in wrap few years back in Bangkok flea market. possibly supplied to Asian allies under Lend-Lease act?

the Bayo and Scabbard came in Individual Sealed Envelopes. Unissued and new. One is SA1918 the other is RIA1918.

i am asking $125 each or $210 for both Delivered anywhere in CONUS.

WTS: 16inch 1917 bayonet.
i have 2 available. these will fit the 1917 Enfield rifle. each bayonet comes with an EXTRA scabbard. both made by Remington. both in Excellent condition.

asking $115 each or $205 for both Delivered in CONUS.

WTS: 1905 16inch Bayo
i have a 1905 16inch bayonet with scabbard and NEW replacemenet wood grips with screw. The bayo is made in 1917 from RIA. it is in Excellent condition. i am asking $250 Delivered anywhere in CONUS.

WTS: M39 Mosin Nagant bayonet
these are Reproduction M39 bayonets with leather sheath.
asking $75 each or $210 for all 3 Delivered in CONUS.

email me: [email protected]
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