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I have the following available for sale:

(2) 30 round Stainless Steel Scherer brand 30 round magazines. The scherers are the highest quality aftermarket steel mags I have found for the mini. The steel is the same thickness as the factory mags. Price: $27.50 ea plus shipping. (I only charge actual shipping charges)

(2) Blued steel 30 round magazines. One is a Triple K used very little but is reliable, with original package. The other looks to be a triple K but is missing some finish and is a little banged up but seems to feed just fine. $12 plus shipping for the pair.

The mags are currently posted on Gunbroker, I am willing to sell them out of auction provided they have not received any bids. Auction # is: 9067368 for the scherers and 9062635 for the triple K. (I do not have the additional triple K up on Gunbroker).

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