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WTS 1919A4 semiauto with tripod & T&E Israeli 7.62 converted to 8mm with 4152 8mm rds

Semi-automatic, Israeli 1919A4 originally in 7.62x51 that has been converted to the cheaper to shoot 8mm by installation of an 8mm barrel and an 8mm cartridge stop plus a cone 30-06 muzzle booster (which works fine for 8mm). If desired, it can easily be changed back to 7.62x51 by installing a 7.62x51 barrel and a 7.62x51 cartridge stop and 7.62 muzzle booster. Not a bad idea to have both caliber barrels and the cartridge stops and different boosters so you can shoot both calibers depending on which one is available and cheapest, but this ad only includes the 8mm barrel and 8mm cartridge stop and 30-06 booster (works for 8mm) in this gun. Ad includes M2 tripod and a real plus is the included 4,152 rds of 8mm ammo. That's $2000.00 worth of 8mm ammo just by itself which averages out to $48 cents per round which is much cheaper than 7.62x51 these days. So really you are paying $2900.00 for the gun with included tripod & T&E and $2000.00 for the 8mm ammo.

$4900.00 total price for entire package.

386 already linked 8mm cartridges are included (I counted them) plus 165 boxed 8mm rds (& one loose rd) are still left in the 5th opened tin (I counted them too). There are four other UNopened cases of 900 8mm rds each also included. Between the already linked rds and the other rds, that's 4,152 8mm rds total. The barrel rifling is fairly worn in some spots but still usable. If desired a good used barrel can be acquired from Sarco or Numrich for about $58.00 or a new one from the same sources for about $85.00 which is why I am only asking $2900.00 for the gun instead of $3000.00 (I don't want any complaints later about the rifling so I'm cutting off $100.00 for you to get a new barrel).

Gun is in great condition and functions flawlessly and I just fired it last week (at the Hernando shoot with 42rocker) so I know it operates fine. Buyer to pay actual shipping costs. I have no idea of the shipping weight and no way to weigh it until it is weighed by the carrier to determine shipping costs, so please don't ask me what it would cost to ship to your zip. Fed Ex or UPS would be the best way to ship this I believe. I will use whatever shipping carrier the buyer designates. Whatever it costs to ship is what you will pay for shipping. I do not add to nor gouge on shipping. Naturally you will want to add shipping insurance on it. This is a great gun that operates fine.

Here's some pictures that show the gun, tripod, T&E, 386 already linked cartridges and the four cases of 900 rds each of UNopened boxed cases of 8mm ammo, plus a fifth opened case (that much of the linked ammo is from), plus there is still 11 boxes of 15 rds each of unopened ammo in the fifth case tin and one loose rd. Only the fifth case tin has been opened, the other 4 cased tins of 900 rds each of 8mm are still sealed and UNopened. I don't know the country of origin of the 8mm cartridges, but I know it shoots well. Haven't had one jam or failure to fire. 4,152 rds total included with the gun, tripod, and T&E. You will receive the ammo exactly as shown, so you will receive 386 reusable links as well.

Had several 1919's and one of them was in the A6 configuration and it was the one that was originally in 8mm. Had a buddy who wanted the A6 one real bad, but wanted it in the 7.62x51 caliber. So I swapped the barrels and feed parts between the guns to make him happy. So this one originally was 7.62x51 when I got it, but it is now in 8mm.

Since I don't check this site every day, best to reach me at my email of:
[email protected]

Here's the pics:


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