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I am interested in buying your old distressed inventory or what have you. Not interested in onesies and twosies.

Guns, grips, stocks, barrels, holsters, police gear.

I have been known to buy out what is left of a store after it closes. I have bought the remaining firearm inventory of a chain of pawn shops that decided to stop selling guns.

I am not interested in cost or cost plus anything. Cost minus considerable will do it. If you have a bunch of stuff you want rid of now, even at a loss, please contact me.

Will travel if necessary.

PLEASE, distress sales only. If I wanted to pay wholesale, I could just order from a distributor. Thanks.

[email protected]

SIG pistol armorer/FFL Dealer/Full time Peace Officer, Moderator of General Discussion Board on Gunbroker. Visit, the best gun auction site on the Net! Email [email protected]

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