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Hey, would anyone out there happen to have a blued secondary sear for the Mini-14 Ranch Rifle? I just got myself a new 582 Series Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, blued with synthetic stock. And although it's a beautiful gun, the one gripe I have is about the stainless trigger, hammer, and secondary sear, which appear to be the only major stainless parts on the gun (why Ruger no longer makes these three parts on their Mini-14's in blue to match the receiver I still don't understand).

I have already purchased a blued trigger and hammer from Numrich gun parts ( but they are sold out of the secondary sear. It's the last part I need before I can take it to my gunsmith to be installed.

Anyone who may have a spare sear in blue for the Mini-14 Ranch Rifle for sale, I'd be much obliged. Thanks.
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