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I have 3 Ruger original factory metal 10 round mags along with two 20 round mags (one with original box) and two 30 round mags (one with original box). All mags are in mint to near mint condition and none have any restrictive stamping. You can legally own and shoot with these mags if your state allows extended mags. Yes, Ruger manufactured 10 round mags for some state police organizations and export some years back but, stopped production for US sales. They produce 5, 20, and 30 round mags but, the 20 and 30 rounders are all now for law enforcement and government sales only. These mags are pre-ban and thus do not have reswtrictive stamps, just Ruger Logo. See item# 7123344 on I am selling them at a great price (can't tell you the reserve price-so don't ask) but, the buy now is only $850.00.
To let you know how rare the 10 rounders are, I advertised on all mini-14 forums and even called Ruger themselves. I finally found these in excellent condition and paid $175.00 each. I paid $125.00 each for the 20 and 30 rounders. I was invited by Ruger to attend their armorer's course at the NRA National HQ because I owned an accurized mini that was gaining some popularity with law enforcement and I requested a meeting to try and persuade Ruger to manufacture an accurized version. It was there that I found out about the 10 rounders and how hard it would be to find them. You will not be able to beat the reserve price unless you are in Law Enforcement. Even then, you will have a time finding original 10 rounders. I can not stop the auction because I have bidding going on (3 days left).
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