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Would You Believe.....

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How accurate is a stock Ruger 10/22?

Just for grins, I shot a rifle match today. 22 rim fire at 75, 125, and 175 yards. Used a completely stock Ruger 10/22 with regular factory ammo and went up against a truck load of target grade and match grade rifles. Result: tied for 2nd - hit 28 out of 30 plates on a windy day. Miracles do happen.

Guess it's close to the time when I'll be upgrading to a better barrel?, stock?, trigger assembly?, and bipod?? You guys ever get the feeling that upgrades could be a major mistake, haha.
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Really appreciate the comments guys. Shooting at 75 yards was a walk in the park (10 for 10). At 125 it was a little harder but no big deal (9 for 10, did not pickup on a wind change). At 175 the plates looked like the ends of pins and I figured the 10/22 was completely toast but it fooled me (9 for 10). At first I was real upset with myself for a miss at 125 but the potential of what could have happened at 175 made me feel like everything worked out just fine.

One of the shooters in a playful manner made fun of me for showing up with a toally stock gun and said I'd brought a bagfull of excuses with it. By the next shoot, some upgrades will be made so I'll hopefully do a little better.

Think I may keep my original barrel in the gun cabinet just for good luck, haha.
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