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would pooring water on barrel help cooling?

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hey i was just wondering if after a long stream of shots from a mini 14, would it help to poor a little bit of water on the barrel, or would that just cool it to fast and cause warpage/cracks in the barrel?
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I agree with davey. It could do a number on your barrel. Not shure the receiver gets that hot though. Leave your bolt open remove your mag elevate your barrel slightly let it cool on its own. In heat treating it is called quenching. It is a common procedure to heat brass cases with a torch, then emerse in water, to soften the metal. I would not recommend it on your barrel. The excessive heat could shorten the life of your barrel. There have been cases of rifle chambers getting so hot it produced cook fires. (chambered rounds cooking off in the hot chamber):eek: Excessive heat will also affect your accuracy. I let my barrel cool down if I can't touch my barrel for 30 sec., but I'm probably more cautious than most.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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