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would pooring water on barrel help cooling?

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hey i was just wondering if after a long stream of shots from a mini 14, would it help to poor a little bit of water on the barrel, or would that just cool it to fast and cause warpage/cracks in the barrel?
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Also: You ever notice heat waves coming off a hot blacktop road in summer? If you are using a scope and your barrel is hot enough, you can see these heat threads through the scope, and it will throw off your accuracy simply because of the optical changes (not to mention your poor mini barrel turning into a pool of molten metal). What can you expect from an $8 barrel?
You have to think about the additional weight that a good barrel would add to the gun. A nice chrome lined steel barrel will weigh a good deal more than the tinfoil one from the factory.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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