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would pooring water on barrel help cooling?

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hey i was just wondering if after a long stream of shots from a mini 14, would it help to poor a little bit of water on the barrel, or would that just cool it to fast and cause warpage/cracks in the barrel?
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It would definitely be safer to have a barrel enclosed in water-containing sleeve to start with - like the old machine-guns. Untill most of the water evaporates, you will have barrel at constant teperature.
Ratio of cross-sections - masses for barrels of equal length:
(0.62 ^ 2 - 0.223 ^ 2) / (0.576 ^ 2 - 0.223 ^ 2) =
(0.384 - 0.050) / (0.332 - 0.050) =
0.334 / 0.285 = 1.172

17% higher crossection/weight of a Colt barrel.

But the extra 17% weight is located in the place where it matters most - on the outside of the barrel where it adds much more to barell's stiffness than the same weight added close to the centerline.
Besides, the added inertia of that 17% reduces the barel whip regardless of making the barrel stiffer.

So it would be no surprise if the Colt barrel made of the same steel would produce 30% better groups.

Actually, the diameter of the barrel for a Mini I saw specified was even thinner - 0.565" in one source and 0.562" in another.

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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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