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would pooring water on barrel help cooling?

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hey i was just wondering if after a long stream of shots from a mini 14, would it help to poor a little bit of water on the barrel, or would that just cool it to fast and cause warpage/cracks in the barrel?
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How do the Ruger cast receivers respond to rapid cooling? Like dropping a hot mini 14 into the snow, Will they crack?

Are the Ruger barrels cast?
AN $8 Barrel, I still can't figure out why a company like Ruger does not put a High quality, Chrome lined barrel on the mini & hard chrome the gas system components, It will probably cost them another $10 per rifle, People would be happy to pay another $100 per gun with those improvements, I mean look what people pay for AR-15s!
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You have to think about the additional weight that a good barrel would add to the gun. A nice chrome lined steel barrel will weigh a good deal more than the tinfoil one from the factory.
I don't agree, The Ruger factory barrel is thicker than the standard Colt SP1 barrel ( The Colt A1 barrel measures approx .62in around )& Most SP1s shoot better than the Mini 14! Plus the barrel is chrome lined the way a hard use barrel should Be!
Someone with a good caliper, What is the diameter or the Mini 14 barrel?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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