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OK, I'm throwing this out there... the Benelli M4 Shotgun has one of the fastest semi-auto actions out there, bar none. Here's a demonstration.

How about this...eight shots in just a smidge over 1 second.

Shotgun in the video has had no modifications to its trigger or action, in any way, just a full length mag tube installed.

Find something faster in a semi-auto?

Post it up here, but remember...eight shots in 1.2 seconds...has to be that fast or faster.


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I dont have the timer to test it, but I would put my Saiga 12 up against the Binelli any day.

Likewise... my WInchester SuperX3 makes some pretty good claims, too... never timed THT one either... so I dont know for SURE... OH well... what difference does it REALLY MAKE??? Thats like a dick measuring contest.... who cares. they are all FAST and faster than MOST can accurately AIM AND SHOOT that fast!
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