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I've got a stainless 580 that shoots well but looks (IMHO) pretty ugly with the black plastic stock. If I want to switch to wood, some questions:

1. If I buy a used 580 wood stock, will I have to switch any of the metal parts from my plastic to the wood, and if so how difficult?

2. Is there any advantage to glass bedding the wood? If so, who does a good job?

3. The comb on my plastic stock is too low for my scope, so I split a piece of black foam pipe insulation and used black duct tape to hold it onto the plastic stock. Is there something similar I could do with the wood, but not so ugly?

4. Any other suggestions or cautions about switching to wood?


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Does the factory synth stock have the reinforcement piece?? You may need to get one of those. The other piece that can be a pain is the little plastic forend liner. I cracked mine changing from wood to Hogue.
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