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Winter shoot

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Sometimes you just can't wait for shirt sleeve weather, hunting season is over but you just gotta shoot. So here I am with a couple of Walkers, A ROA and a Colt Navy 1861 that has never been shot before. I'm thinking it's up to 37 degrees today, wind is nil I can do a little 25 yard target practice. So I get my old shaky bones outside and ..... change of plans, a layer of ice between my shooting bench and my target line and I am no ice skater. What I am old and I don't bounce for a hill of beans. So okay I will set up a dozen ice filled jugs at 10 yards and shoot them instead. I don't care what I shoot at as long as it's legal. 2 trips and 4 jugs and I barely get back to the shooting bench. Driveway is a solid sheet of ice too and my legs are saying some very bad things to the rest of me.

So here is what I have:

This what I am shooting at:

And to my pleasant surprise I don't do as bad as I thought I was going to considering how bad I was feeling. Especially since I guessed and goshed a load for the Navy 36 caliber and got this 6 shot group with it on a bleach jug. Even better the shots went all the way through with only 25 gr of FFFg powder and a round ball.

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Some beautiful pistols! I'm jealous that you can just go out into your driveway to shoot.... you might want to tighten up those groups though! :D: j/k
Some beautiful pistols! I'm jealous that you can just go out into your driveway to shoot.... you might want to tighten up those groups though! :D: j/k
Y'all can come up and show me how, I'm always open to suggestions. :lol:
I like the Ruger. My dad has four of their single actions (not cap and ball). All in stainless. I like shooting them when I can. His are in 45 colt, 44 mag, 357 mag, and 22 long. I did some testing with his 45 colt model last summer and we were firing a single load in the Ruger and my Rossi M92. H110 loads shot well in both. We shoot behind his house.
LOL I would love too but I have this "thing" about being humiliated at my own game :D:
I just got 5" of fresh snow dumped on me today. If it doesn't snow tomorrow I will try and shoot some more. I will try real hard to tighten things up. :lol:
I went shooting yesterday. Light snow with snow covered roads and 23 degrees. I shot my 300 Blackout. Would eject but not feed a new round. My lower was modified for 5.56 with a heavy spring and buffer. I guess I won't work with the Blackout upper. I will use the unmodified lower next time. Loads are medium.

I shot my new Enfield No 4, MK2. I shot it with three different loads. Didn't feel like using the snow shoes so I shot at the base of the target frame at 100 years. All rounds puffed up snow in the right spot so I am very close with the sights. Tested three loads using AA5744, IMR4065, and Varget. All functioned without a hitch with Hornady Softpoints at 150 Grains.

I also brought my Hungarian M44. The rifle was new when I bought the thing and the action isn't as smooth as my M39. It has a lot of recoil and a heavy muzzle blast. The sear sticks up a little making bolt removal hard.

Was pretty cold, but the wind was light which makes it easier. By this time next month the same place will be muddy and wet and all the snow gone. Saw a Wood Chuck.
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Had company this weekend between snow storms; I gave him a proper coat so he wouldn't freeze his little Florida tail and then we set out frozen jugs of ice at 25 yards to shoot with a variety of guns. I started him on the Mosin Nagant M38 since it had been awhile since he shot anything.

Not a lot of action on the jugs at first, he was hooting high right but a little coaching and soon big chunks of ice were flying out of the back of the jugs, Best result you can get with hardball ammo.

Then I moved him up to the K31 carbine with similar results. It was funny because of the bolt configuration he thought it was a semi-auto.

Then a switch to more modern rifles. I demonstrated with the 7MM Rem Mag and suitably impressed him when a little 130 grain bullet sent ice flying 6' in every direction and tore the jug into several pieces. Then I turned him loose with the 7 and my 300 Wby Mag. I think the recoil and the extra noise bothered him a little bit even with the muffs on. He was still hitting but low left nicks on the jugs.

He did better with the old Stevens 520. Then I gave him the 10 gauge and 3 shells, He shot one, made an impressive hit but handed the 2 shells left over to me. Seems he had all the fun he could stand for one day. Being half my size may have had something to do with that but he is looking forward to the next trip and more guns. He is thinking Mini-14, 32 Win Spcl 30-30, 25-20.

There is just something about shooting in the winter that makes it different from shirt sleeve weather shooting.
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It sure is. I am going into my basement man cave tonight to load up some more .303 loads. I also need to bring out the lever guns for a little amusement. A 45-70 will prepare ice blocks for mixed drinks in no time at all. The K31 is on my list of things to buy. Do you reload for it? I looked at some of the load data for it already. Looks simple enough. My cousin has one. I should invite him to go shooting.

This year until all the new socialist rules are sorted out, I will be spending more time with the guns I loved when I was younger, military bolt actions. There is a gun club near Syracuse that has a few classic military shoots at 200 yards. Last time I took the Garand. Maybe this year I can take the Enfield or the M39.
This is what I use, Military Ball 173gr, 38 gr of 4350 Is the accurate load out of my carbine. Seat the bullet to OAL of 2.890"
Thanks, wrote that down in my log book. One day I will reload for the rifle. Always wanted one and soon one will be in my hands. My wife is great and lets me get anything I want (within reason) but I usually sell something for something better or buy something to sell at a higher price and use the proceeds to get what I want. I was married for 18 years to my first wife and she passed away. I was single for a couple and then found my current one. She is the best.

The moral of the story. I am going to get a K31. Other moral, I am a lucky man. How am I getting that K31?. Well I have a crap load of Wolf 308. And I have an interested party.

I have two Mausers Gew98 and M96, Arisaka 6.5, Krag, 1903A3, M44, M39, Enfield No 1, Enfield No 4, and Rolling Block 7x57. I load for all except the Arisaka.

Next weekend I will be out with two or three of the above.
Cool, planning on shooting my 1863 Springfield and my 1858 Remington when it warms up some.

Good shot groups. Glad you could get out and have some fun.
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