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Winchester 1886 Loading Gate

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Anyone know if the Browning/Miroku loading gate will interchange with an original Winchester 1886? Better yet, does someone have an original loading gate lying around, maybe under the bed, or fell off a truck?
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Guess I can answer my own question here. I tried fleabay and other auction sights w/o much success. Every once in awhile a loading gate is listed but they go for exorbitant prices, even though usually pitted or reblued, etc. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a new Miroku manufactured assembly that Browning says fits their Model 71 or 1886. Lo! It fits almost perfectly. I'll do a little milling but am very happy and my 1886 project gun is coming along just fine and will be a good shooter. Caliber .38-56. FYI.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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