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I got a Mini 14 stainless ranch rifle. Prefix 195. With no sights at all! After a few questions here and elsewhere, I plan on installing a set of open sights, with an over the bolt reciever rail and eotech 512. I want to use the iron sights for emergency use, I can remove the eotech if necessary.

Here is what I plan on using on the front. A Mepralight ML30921
Meprolight Night Sights for Ruger Mini-14 Rifles - front only FREE S&H ML30923, ML30921. Meprolight Tritium & Fiber Optic Night Sights.

For the rear, I want to use the "WGRS" Williams sight. Part number 20590.

I havent decided on the rail to mount atop the reciever for the Eotech. Not really too concerned about that, since I want to wait until after I shoot with the iron sights first. I might just be happy with the irons.

The reason the front sight is gone is because my dad removed it for a red dot aimpoint. I dont really like the aimpoint, and want irons on it above all else.

So will this setup I have mentioned above work on the rifle without modifying the end of the barrel or the reciever? I dont see any reason it wont. I know the mepralight front sight says for pre 173 or something around that number, but I did some research and found that the number is a mini number, and I can only suppose that mepralight didnt use the ranch number in the description. But they have the same barrell before 2006, correct?
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