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Am considering 10/22 "Light Varmint Target" rifle wirh .720 diameter barrel (not bull barrel) located at ____ Ruger 10/22 Light Varmint 22LR SS, Varmint Barrel - Impact Guns _____. Apparently this gun is sold as a "dealer exclusive" to various dealers throughout the US.

Want to get Fajen adjustable legacy stock (for bull barrel). Know these stocks will fit the standard bull barrel but am needing to know if I will have any problems with this rifle/barrel with the stock considering the reduced size.

What are people's experiences/opinions about this rifle. Have not heard about it until I started searching for Target 10/22 on Google.

All help is appreciated as the price is good (target trigger, extended mag release and birch stock) at $330, defititely beats the $450 I see on Gunbroker for Target models.

Rifle is to be used for target only at 50 yds.

Thanks again, Wizzzard
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