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who in here is from so.kalifornika

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hey im just curious who else is in kalifornika shooten a mini......ive been stationed out here 4 years next month just curious who is out thier.......maybe put a shoot together with our mini's, or something.......of course just kali legal one in kali owns aks or any evil stuff........semper fi .............sgt schmud
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I'm not too far from ya bout 50 miles. Hard for me to
get out as I'm taking care of a parent who has seen
better times, and is a stroke victim. I have a mini-14
that has had some work done on it, too much to list.
I haven't been to the range since spring but hope to
go in the fall. Thanks for defending our country by
serving in the Marines. Stay safe. bg
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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