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While we're comapring, what about Browning BAR Mark II?

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The discussions about .223 vs. 308 have been great. I've been doing some research on a Browing BAR Mark II and wonder how it might stack up in this comparison. As semi-auto weapons go, and I have to note I live in the backwards state of CA, what do you smarty's think? How does a .300 Win BAR stack up, in you opinions, against my beloved mini? Thanks folks!
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That depends on what you want to do with that browning,
first let me say i have a B.A.R. mark II for over 10 years now
in 3006 and it shoots as strait as many of my quality bolt action
rifles and is as dependable too ,the browning is best suited as strictly a hunting/target rifle it is long, heavy and you are strictly limited to a 5 round magazine capacity also you have to check local game laws before hunting with it, I mostly hunt deer
in tioga county PA where semi-auto rifles are illegal to hunt with so that is another thing you must consider.
As far as the mini-14 goes i do mostly informal target shooting
and short range (under 100 yards) preditor/varment shooting here in NY and I think its a great rifle I never had a problem with it after 2-3 thousand rounds (i do take great care in maintance)
In a defensive seniero I must admit i would reach for my Ar-15
and leave the mini-14 in the rack only because i Know it is deadly accurate out to 300 yards and i was able to stock many original magazines for it at a price of 4 GI AR-15 mags to 1 original ruger mag (the only ones i would bet my life on) and spare parts are Everywhere for the AR too.well i hope i was helpful:ar15:
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