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Which Ar-15 lower receiver?

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Well I seem to have gotten the Black Rifle itch. After 2 Mini-14's in various configurations I figured on getting an Ar-15. This is Due to (1)better accuracy @ 100 yard shots from straight out of the box (2) parts and magazines are more plentiful and cheaper than the mini.

This will be a hands on assembly project in order to (1) Save some frogskins (2) gain some insight about the operation of the ar-15. I am looking mainly for quality and durability in the parts @ a decent price range.

So the big questions are:

Which lower receiver should I purchase?

Which upper Assembly should I purchase. I prefer to get a 16 inch barrel with chrome lining as I hear they last more rounds.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this will be my first Ar.:ar15: :ar15: :D
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Have to disagree w/ you on the special weapons. I personally think mine is on par with a true HK as far as quality goes. Though I guess with one SW gun you could say my experience is somewhat limited. Granted, I have not heard good things about their customer service.
I haven't had a single stoppage or jam that I can recall. That's with about 200 rounds through it, being a mixture of Portugese mil-surp, Radway mil-surp, and some new/remanufacture American Eagle ammo. I've mostly used those alloy/alum mags but I also have one steel mag.

In one respect you could say that 200 rounds aren't enough to gauge reliability, but on the ohter hand you could say that stoppages are likely to occur when the parts are new and tight. So far, so go.
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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