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Which Ar-15 lower receiver?

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Well I seem to have gotten the Black Rifle itch. After 2 Mini-14's in various configurations I figured on getting an Ar-15. This is Due to (1)better accuracy @ 100 yard shots from straight out of the box (2) parts and magazines are more plentiful and cheaper than the mini.

This will be a hands on assembly project in order to (1) Save some frogskins (2) gain some insight about the operation of the ar-15. I am looking mainly for quality and durability in the parts @ a decent price range.

So the big questions are:

Which lower receiver should I purchase?

Which upper Assembly should I purchase. I prefer to get a 16 inch barrel with chrome lining as I hear they last more rounds.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this will be my first Ar.:ar15: :ar15: :D
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ASA recievers are OK, we use to use thier AR-10 receivers to build custom AR-10's. I am not sure if I am right here, maybe someone could fill me in on the correct details, I heard ASA was started by a former ARMALITE employee, so it seems alot of the stuff should bethe same quality. Personally I use alot of DPMS lowers and uppers to build AR-15's, always have good luck with fit and so forth and good service as well, not to mention they have a but load of goodies to go along with AR-15's. We once had an out of spec stainless lower come from them and when we called them on it they apologized out the yazoo and sent us a new replacement in a hurry.

I have wondered about the Les Baer sets myself, they look great and I like the ide you can buy a "matched" set from a company, I think they are the first to do that. If you try them out let us know what you think of the receivers.
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