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Which Ar-15 lower receiver?

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Well I seem to have gotten the Black Rifle itch. After 2 Mini-14's in various configurations I figured on getting an Ar-15. This is Due to (1)better accuracy @ 100 yard shots from straight out of the box (2) parts and magazines are more plentiful and cheaper than the mini.

This will be a hands on assembly project in order to (1) Save some frogskins (2) gain some insight about the operation of the ar-15. I am looking mainly for quality and durability in the parts @ a decent price range.

So the big questions are:

Which lower receiver should I purchase?

Which upper Assembly should I purchase. I prefer to get a 16 inch barrel with chrome lining as I hear they last more rounds.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this will be my first Ar.:ar15: :ar15: :D
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$159 for a stripped or assembled lower? Assembled would be an okay price, especially avoiding $20FFL. Otherwise, you can find mil-spec stripped RRA lowers for less than $100.
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Another one succumbs to the BR Disease! What config and make did you go with for the upper? Did you pick up 30s, 20s, or both? You can never have enough!!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
You were able to get the chrome-lining? Good. $20 a mag is pretty common nowadays, at least they're cheap, plentiful and reliable.
Ammoman's a good source for LC, and CMMG has it for $99 per case/delivered. I still shoot the LC sometimes, but I roll my own and favor the heavier rounds now.
:D :ar15:
I have only found Widener's and (cringe) Botach to be distributors of IMI M855 ammo, do you have some type of reference for info for Hansen? Thanks.
Originally posted by GreenLantern@Aug 8 2003, 09:00 AM
Here's a lower you could get a really good deal on!

And people still wonder why they are warned to stay away from Hesse aka Vulcan Arms as well as "special weapons" :lol: with Todd Bailey at the helm (of a sinking ship).

I do admit I feel sorry for that dude with the broken POS Hesse lower.
Originally posted by GreenLantern@Aug 8 2003, 05:31 PM
Have to disagree w/ you on the special weapons. I personally think mine is on par with a true HK as far as quality goes. Though I guess with one SW gun you could say my experience is somewhat limited. Granted, I have not heard good things about their customer service.
current little discussion about Toad Bailey :lol: of Speshul Wupons lil "SW5" :blink: ....I could dredge up a lot more, but not now.

GL, have you put many rounds through it? without one (ok, or two or three or many) hiccups?

His rep precedes him, and it is always better to be forewarned...................which is what this is.
Only Botach (west coast) and Widener's are authorized US distributors of IMI/Israel Military Industry ammuntion and components.

IMI is great stuff, in 5.56 and 45ACP. Haven't tried the other calibers yet.
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