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Hi there! Lovely forum you've got here. I have need of your opinions. I am considering my first Kalishnikov purchase and I would like to know what makes a good AK. Also if you would give me your thoughts on the Romanian AK's that seem to be the best deal going right now ($249/accessories included). I love gnat's ass nailing accuracy in a rifle and most of my stable is this type of beast. However, it's alot of fun to go 'bang bang' with something cheap, effective and reliable (not to mention the dozens of other reasons to own an AK). I have a nice '53 Russian SKS that I've just been way too hard on. I love it, my wife loves it and it's worth about twice what it was when I bought it. Time to take it easy. I want a good, rugged 7.62X39 that I can lovingly abuse and not worry about the finish. Something the UN does NOT want me to have. Enuff said. I await your responses. Thanks!
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