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What's this Mini?

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OK, I picked this mini-14 up a few years ago and know nothing about it. I am looking for a little info on what's up with it?

It appears to be a 1987 original side-folder by the gas block/swivel and serial number.

The stock on it is some weird plastic that is the color of wood.

It has a scout mount on top.

I keep it in my closet for home defense loaded with 30 rounds of Hornady TAP

Any information would be appreciated.

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Looks like an original GB side-folder. If the stock really is synthetic, then it'd have to be one of the (rare) Ram-Line faux wood stocks -- I never knew they made side-folders out of that stuff. As for the scout mount, that appears to be an early version of an Amega...but I could be wrong.

I'd call Ruger and run the serial number by them.

In the meantime, I for one would love to see more pics, especially closeups of the stock and the rail...
That's crazy. The stock isn't anything Ruger would have shipped it with, I can tell you that for sure.

Oh, and the rail is just a mini-scout-mount from I know what that is.
Ah, gotcha. Couldn't tell if the rail went all the way to the receiver or not... :lol:

As for the "use," how does it shoot? Some of those older Minis actually are fairly accurate. If you're looking to offload the whole rifle or even just the stock, I'm sure someone around here would love to snag it up...
That I can't speak to... An original GB in an original folder would be worth a good chunk o' change. Hell, the factory folders alone are selling for $400+ on eBay right now. You put an unmolested GB in that factory folder, and it'd be worth $1k to the right buyer.

I'm no expert on the factory folders or GBs -- just never been that taken by the folders -- but I'm sure someone will be along that can shed more light than I on the subject.

IMHO, as much as I love my Mini-14, if I were forced to choose between it and a SOCOM, I'd be offloading the Ruger. ;)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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