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What's this Mini?

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OK, I picked this mini-14 up a few years ago and know nothing about it. I am looking for a little info on what's up with it?

It appears to be a 1987 original side-folder by the gas block/swivel and serial number.

The stock on it is some weird plastic that is the color of wood.

It has a scout mount on top.

I keep it in my closet for home defense loaded with 30 rounds of Hornady TAP

Any information would be appreciated.

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Someone marked on the trigger guard and mag well. This is a pic of it.

It does however show the stock finish.

Does it have any value other than as an alternative to a $1500 AR?

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Oh, and the rail is just a mini-scout-mount from I know what that is.
yes, I believe the rail goes to the receiver.

Are the original ram-line stocks for gb folders worth anything? I am just wondering what to do with the gun. Whether I keep it for home defense or sell it. I bought a Socom 16 that I like but the wife says I should get rid of something. It is between the two to let go. I do not intend to let the Mini-14 go unless it has some collector value or something.
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