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Two thumbs up for Brimstone!

Everyone says the KIDD triggers -- two-stage for benchrest, single-stage for everything else -- are hands-down the best. Having said that, Hornet Custom has a good reputation, as well.

IMO, I'd rather pick up a (slightly) used trigger group on eBay and send it off to GunDoc, Brimstone, or SwampFox and have them work their magic. Ends up saving $100+ and you get just as nice a trigger as one of the completely aftermarket options.
I recently retired from HP doing my engineering thing. I Know David from my volunteer firefighter EMT where we met and became friends despite our age difference. I have started in training with him to do the 10-22 triggers because of demand for that and all the services. After three days I can say I know the trigger group fairly well. The polymer housings are just fine and 2-2.5 lbs is the same in a polymer housing as it is in an aluminum housing. I plan on making my retirement career working on firearms with him. A tier3 will blow most people away and the tier2 and tier1, I can't imagine a better trigger. And I can tell you he and I are anal when it comes to the quality of work going out the door!
I suppose I have a slight bias:D
Happy Shooting!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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