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Brimstone Gunsmithing for a trigger job. They have 3 different trigger jobs available depending on what you are looking for. I got the cheapest job done for $35 including return shipping I don't think you could possibly find a better trigger for the money.
While I have not had personal experience with Brimstone the positive feedback from many happy customers on RFC leads me to believe this is a great deal for the money.
IMO, I'd rather pick up a (slightly) used trigger group on eBay and send it off to GunDoc, Brimstone, or SwampFox and have them work their magic. Ends up saving $100+ and you get just as nice a trigger as one of the completely aftermarket options.
I agree if you are looking for value all of these are good options. But Kidd is the best if you have the money.
Kidd is widely regarded as the creme de la creme and for good reason. After that there's the Jard which I really like and the VQ TG2000 which I'm not impressed with at all considering the cost. Have gotten better rebuilds for under $100 that were better than the $200 VQ one. The Hornet group doesn't really impress me much either as it's more or less just a reworked factory assembly. I'd much rather have one done by TT Shooter or Brimstone before going with a Hornet group. On the DY route, the Kidd again is at the top with their trigger job kit.
As the former owner of a VQ and Hornet trigger group I agree with both statements.
If you are in to modding your own trigger I'm also a fan of Skeeter. Check his website link below.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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