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I have done both my own, and a Power Custom, and both have some advantages.

The PC has a shorter reset, but not any better feel.

Of course, my custom work was more polished, and I really did not do much to the PC guts other than put it into the trigger group housing.

I bought the PC just for the spring of all things. (Needed a spring, and it was in the kit, and the kit was my only option at the moment, so buy a complete trigger upgrade, just for the hammer spring? Only in Idaho I suppose.)

But I have my nice work in a bag, with light oil on the parts, and suppose the rifle will never wear out this way.. But I should get a few extra hammer springs, and other springs as those do wear out over time. (As do extractors, and they are cheap to replace and sure make the rifle happy to run fast when new and sharp.)

Just my .02 cents worth.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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